Debra exudes confidence and clarity as we explore the root cause of tenacious issues. She is a rare ally! She is also in my circle of trusted healers I refer clients to for specific techniques I haven’t found anywhere else.
— Emily Waymire, System Constellation Facilitator
Debra has an incredible way of being truly present and creating a space for me that inspires deep and profound emotional healing. She truly honors my body and it’s energies, meeting me right where I’m at and providing a safe and nurturing place for change. Her breadth of knowledge is remarkable and commitment to lifelong learning is admirable. As a student of energy medicine, I revere her as a scholar, like an elder of a tribe, and hold a deep appreciation for her wisdom. I would recommend her to my friends and family without a second thought. She is amazing.
— Christene R. Sismondo
Debra is my “go to” energy practitioner since 16 years. She is a careful listener, gets to the core of my issues, has me feeling well and happy each time I leave. She has helped me regain my health. Having studied part of her approach in the meantime, and gotten to know other good practitioners in her field, I can truly appreciate her deep knowledge, expertise, ethics, intuition, and broad perspective. it’s delightful to be in her presence and in her very wonderful healing space.
— Helga Holtmann
Debra is a master energy healer. Debra has studied many energy healing modalities. She works by pulse testing the body as to which modality to use and in what order. When I notice I am having an issue, I bring it to Debra and she releases it through her work usually in one session. I consider Debra my magic bullet of healing.
— Sallie Rose
I have been able to be a beneficiary of Debra’s incredible work for many years. I feel renewed every single time I have been to her. I am better able to live with more purpose and happiness because of her work. I believe she has a gift and she shares it with her happy attitude and intuitive spirit. I am blessed to be able to experience it.
— Nancy Hausman
Debra Burchard is an amazing teacher and practitioner, and I feel blessed to have had the honor of knowing Debra for almost 10 years. She was on the original EEMCP faculty during my energy medicine studies and one of my favorite teachers. Why? Debra is real, she is an articulate, creative, caring teacher and generously shares her vast knowledge with her students. I have also experienced Debra as an intuitive and very thorough practitioner - she practices with integrity and sincerity. It is with great pleasure that I recommend Debra Burchard.
— Alice A.


After the second TRE class with Debra, I felt very clean and clear, like my spirit had taken a shower. I had so much energy the next few days. I will definitely be doing more TRE! Debra is an awesome teacher!
— JS
I had read that TRE helps to reduce stress as well as releasing trauma that is held in the body. With that bit of knowledge I attended a class taught by Debra and was led through the exercises required to arrive at the tension release. Alternative exercises were provided if necessary and it all seemed so easy that I was not sure I would have a good resolution, but it was all very much worth it. The TRE provided great release and relaxation, so much so that I have been doing the exercises about once a week on my own to relieve daily built up stress. I felt safe in the environment Debra provided and really value what I learned from her.
— A.T.
I was worried that I would feel stupid, shaking in front of others, or that I wouldn’t have control, or that I would muscle cramp, as I do often. It was nothing like that. I was in control and felt gently guided and cared for and was able to feel curious about the process. Thank you Debra for your knowledge and care!
— Patty Dawson