“If you don't feel you have any choice in a situation, self-esteem and confidence plummet.  But once you understand that you do have a choice, self-esteem will improve. You aren't a helpless victim anymore. You decide how you deal with a situation. You aren't just reacting to life; you're creating your life.”

 - Theresa Francis-Cheung


TRE monthly group shake

Medford, Oregon

Every month we try to get together at least once in Medford, Oregon at Orenda Energy Arts where Karen Parnell hosts a group shake that I lead.  This is a great way to learn about TRE.  Sessions last approximately 75 min. and cost $20. 

Reservations strongly suggested.

For more information, contact Karen at 541-621-7891.


Introduction to the Tarot

March 12 - April 16, 2018


Six online sessions where I will introduce you to and guide you through the archetypal energies of the Tarot.  Whether you want to add working with the energies of Tarot to your practice with clients, or do readings for yourself or others, this is a great place to start.  I've been working with the Tarot for almost 30 years and find it a never-ending source of inspiration and information.

Students will receive at least 32 pages of handouts as reference for the class and beyond.  This should be a lot of fun!

We will meet on Zoom (which you can download for free) on six Mondays:

Class One March 12th

Class Two March 19th

Class Three March 26th

Class Four April 2nd

Class Five April 9th

Class Six April 16th

We will meet from 10-11am PST/1-2pm EDT/6-7pmGMT.  Cost for the series is $150USD.  

The Sweetness of Life: Managing Blood Sugar

March 17th and 18th, 2018

Online and in Ashland, Oregon

Blood sugar is a critical function in the body.  The only function on a par with it in terms of the body's regulation is blood pH.    This class, held online in two sessions, will give you a rich, practical understanding of what's going on in the systems that make blood sugar balance work and how to help when things go wrong.  You will receive an extensive handout, outlining the course content and practical tools for keeping the balance stable!

 The first session is open to anyone who has blood sugar.  It meets March 17th from 9am to noon, PST. and costs $75USD.  The second session, held on March 18th is for energy practitioners only (who must have attended the previous day.)  This will be a practicum where we will explore things you know in a new application and also new techniques.  Even some new finger modes.  The cost for the practicum day is $100USD.  The total for both days is $175.

The class will be held on the Zoom platform and each session will be recorded.  If you can't make one of the sessions (or have to arrive late) you will still get all the class.  There will be a few seats available as well in Ashland, Oregon where the class will be held.

For practitioners, this issue is becoming pandemic and this class will help you understand what your clients are dealing with and how to better help them.

Cultivate Your Artistry

Year-long program:  May, 2018 - March, 2019

Cultivate Your Artistry: Marrying Technique with Instinct for the Healing Arts Practitioner

A year-long program designed to integrate the skills, confidence, and intuition essential for mastery.  We will meet four times during the year: May 5-7, Aug 25-27, Nov 3-5, Mar 8-10, 2019.

For energy medicine practitioners, massage therapists, reiki practitioners, energy kinesiologists ...This series will help you ground your practice in the art and law of Nature, unite intellectual knowledge with kinesthetic experience, expand your perception of energy, weave Mystery, Reverence, Beauty, and Intelligence into your vocation and, no doubt, transform us all in the process! 

Classes will be held Friday - Sunday (15 hours per module).  Cost is $349 per module. 15 CEUs Available for Massage Therapists

In the (Strange) Flow:

A Taoist Look at the Radiant Circuits

Saturday, May 11, 2019  10am-5pm

Multnomah Friends Meeting House

Portland, Oregon

A one day Practitioner's Retreat to explore a different view of the Radiant Circuits. We will be focusing on Taoist perspectives, self-assessment and balancing , as well as balancing work with clients. There is SO MUCH that the Classical texts have to say about working with these flows, yet we'll be looking at them from a modern perspective. AND we’ll be calling on the I Ching to make our work deeper.

The class will include an extensive handout, plus laminated cards. Limited to 16 students. Our lovely venue is in S.E. Portland, Oregon.

Cost: $125.  For more information: 541-890-9207.